• Natalia Semenova

Looking back at FY21

Managing the Welcome platform has been a very rewarding journey this year. My approach to driving adoption of the Welcome platform was to 1. Make it useful, 2. Making it required, and through 3. Continuous onboarding.

I increased the usefulness of the Welcome platform by project managing the integration with our website platform. This allows users to push blogs from Welcome to ansell.com. Project managing the Sitecore integration with Welcome was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve completed in my time at Ansell. It was quite frustrating to have to keep pushing the go-live date due to bugs that were identified during every UAT period. Due to our monthly release schedule, the bug fixes took months to implement. One important lesson that I learned during this time is the importance of escalation.

Additional integration that was started this fiscal year is the integration of AssetBank and Welcome. It is currently still in progress, with the go-live scheduled for early August. I had to step up and own the integration as our DAM owner role transitioned to a new team member. In collaboration with stakeholders, I created User Stories, provided taxonomy mapping, and identified groups of assets that must be “mirrored” in Welcome. This was an interesting learning experience since I’ve never had exposure to the way a DAM works before.

By moving certain teams and processes (CBS, DIG, Translations) to Welcome, I made the adoption of the platform mandatory for users to be able to communicate and work with above mentioned teams. In the last year, the following Workflows have been created and adopted by users:

- Migrated CBS team workflows from Comind to Welcome

- Migrated DIG team workflow from Jira to Welcome

- Created Translation workflows for all regions and agencies of choice

- Migrated Healthcare Approval workflows from Comind to Welcome

- Streamlined and unified Comind Global Mechanical, Chemical, and Life Sciences Approval workflows into a singular Global Industrial Approval workflow in Welcome

- Created Programmatic workflows in Welcome

The Migration of the CBS team was an intensive collaboration process. The team and I partnered with Welcome to develop new elements to manage resources in the platform before the migration could occur. Migrating the DIG team was a much simpler undertaking as a Scrum Master, I knew the original process very well. I again partnered with the Welcome team to integrate an existing Jira board to the CMP platform as we identified that it was better suited for development work. Other Jira boards were migrated over to Welcome Work Requests in Q3.

My plan is to continue to monitor and improve the Welcome workflows as the need arises as well as expand adoption by different users (i.e., PIM regional editors will be trained on how to use the Translation Workflows to promote organization and transparency). It is gratifying to see that my work is helping our colleagues be more efficient and productive.

My continuous onboarding plan includes a Monthly Super User meeting where I share new platform functionalities, discuss case studies, and promote discussion on the platform features. I have conducted several 1:1 Workshops with each Super User to set up the Content Calendars for FY22. Additionally, I send out a bi-monthly email to all Welcome users regarding the new features and updates coming to the platform. I recently created a Welcome to Welcome email which will be sent to all new users as part of onboarding them to the CMP.

In addition to driving the platform adoption, I’ve also conducted trainings for regional and global users on how to use the platform to its fullest capacity and created supplementary training materials such as the Social Media decision tree.

With the above work, Welcome is transforming from more than just a Content Marketing Platform but into a Marketing Operational System at Ansell. It is exciting to see collaboration across regions and GBUs occurring on a more regular basis, something that was previously rare at Ansell.

One additional occurrence needs to be noted – the Welcome CMP platform has completed a rebranding effort in Q3 of FY21. Majority of rebranding activities were completed seamlessly. However, the final rebranding effort was the transition and redirection of the NewsCred URL to Welcome CMP. This transition occurred on Sunday night EST during my planned time off. As a result of the transition, our firewall blocked the new URL. The issue was resolved within 24 hours of notification but resulted in 1 day loss of work for the CBS team. Moving forward, I will make sure to pay careful attention to the rebranding efforts of our vendors and plan for how such an activity can impact our performance. This was an experience in crisis management, one I learned from and will endeavor to never repeat.

This year saw the gradual waning of COVID-19 due to vaccinations and increased awareness/measures taken by local governments. However, at the start of the year, the pandemic was still in full effect. As such, the global, cross-functional team worked on the 3rd Wave of COVID-19 communication “What Happens Next”. I supported the team by redesigning the Safety Resources page to improve user experience and the organization of assets. I also project managed the translation of 9 videos into 16 languages and added all of the subtitles to expedite their publication on ansell.com. After the conclusion of the project, I made sure that the Home page feature was updated at a regular rhythm.

After transitioning the DIG team from our Jira instance to Welcome Work Requests, I continued to handle stakeholder communication as well as executing requests to update or create new content. Below are some of the new landing pages that I built to help regional and global teams achieve their marketing goals:

- Worked closely with the global and regional industrial teams to launch the Hazards campaign in NA, EMEA, LAC

o Hazards Landing page


o Food Processing

o Construction

o First Responders

o Chemical

o Public Utilities

o Mining

o Warehousing & logistics

o Life Sciences

o Oil & Gas verticals

o Metal Fab/ M&E

- Ergonomics Landing page for EMEA

- Built for Impact for Brazil

- ACCP Landing page

- ANZ Dental campaign

- EU MDR Landing page

- Pesticides EN Resource Center

- Z-tap and Z-slider Landing pages

- Nitritex brand page

- Make the Switch Landing page

- QR code page pilot of GAMMEX Non-latex

I managed all content translations, collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to receive them promptly, and trained digital marketing stakeholders on how to create blog articles and update specific regional pages. I also had the opportunity to closely work with the APAC Life Science team while supporting them with blog creation tasks while they were searching for a Digital Specialist.

Towards the end of the fiscal year, I was extremely happy to find out that our team was expanding and that one of the new roles will be that of a Content Editor reporting to me. The recruitment process was a brand-new experience for me as I only saw the other side of it when I was seeking employment. After speaking with key team members, I created a Job Description which was posted on our external Job Board. With collaboration from HR, I identified qualified candidates and conducted eight interviews. I was able to narrow down the candidate pool from eight to two, both of which were invited to interview with my manager and our team’s VP. Both passed the interviews, though one was a better fit for the role which was available. The other candidate was overqualified and was offered another position on the team. Both of the candidates since have been onboarded and are an integral part of our new team structure.

As part of my direct report’s (Nina’s) onboarding, I created a Teams channel with important information such as a Glossary of Terms and our Ansell Brand passport. This information helped jump start Nina’s contributions as we went through Sitecore and Welcome training together. In short three month, Nina is now comfortably working in Sitecore to execute content editing tasks and translation requests. Starting in FY22, Nina will be taking over my Scrum Master responsibilities and will be responsible for maintaining the team’s organization and execution rhythm.

I am looking forward to mentoring my direct report and challenging her to own certain parts of the Content Journey as her own.